Christine Taylor, Prominent Hospitality Attorney, Addresses the Use of Drones on Campgrounds in Woodall’s Magazine

Aug 28, 2023

ALBANY, NY | Christine Taylor, TLF Partner and leading hospitality attorney, recently wrote an article in Woodall’s Campground Magazine discussing the use of Drones on Campgrounds. The article discusses, in the context of campgrounds, whether owners have the option to either ban or allow drone usage based on their state’s laws. If permitting drones, owners should establish clear rules to safeguard the privacy of other guests. While campers may not prevent drones from flying over their campers (as it’s not their private property), they could take legal action against operators for intrusive activities such as drones with cameras, peeking into their windows. As legal interpretations continue to evolve, campground owners should remain vigilant, periodically reviewing policies to accommodate the dynamic landscape of drone-related issues.

“If you don’t like them, you can ban your guests from flying drones on your property, and you can ban outside individuals from doing the same. The severity of the ban would depend on your state’s law. “

Read the full article: Taylor: Time to DRONE on about Unmanned Aircraft – Woodall’s Campground Magazine (

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