Data Privacy & Information Security: PREPARE. PROTECT. PREVENT.

Dec 21, 2020

ALBANY, N.Y. (December 21, 2020) – Last week, TLF Attorney and Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Marc S. Roman, Esq. hosted a webinar to update business owners and auto dealers on data privacy and information security. The webinar covered topics regarding privacy and data protection requirements for dealers and business owners with information on how to be prepared, protect company data, and prevent damages should a data breach ever occur.


  1. WHAT IS THE RISK? The potential consequences of not being prepared for the possibility of a cyber-security attack on your business are endless. Not only are there financial penalties your business could suffer from, there lies the potential of a class-action lawsuit, as well as the reputation of your business being greatly impacted.
  2. DON’T COLLECT MORE THAN YOU CAN PROTECT. Assess the risk, establish policies, train employees, set best practices and business standards. From IT safeguards to the entire security culture of your business, standards and procedures must be determined prior to data being collected.
  3. NOT IF, BUT WHEN. All consumer, financial, and company data must be secured to the best standards and all foreseeable risk must be managed. Should a data breach occur, there must be procedures in place to properly assess all damages and handle them accordingly.

New technology effects ALL business enterprises and ALL business owners are vulnerable no matter their industry. Cybersecurity is a prevailing issue as businesses grapple with challenges to security as it relates to email, unprotected personal devices, undecrypted data, and even firewalls. TLF can help keep your business stay protected.