Partner Christine Taylor Published in Glamping Business Americas Magazine on Who’s Responsible For Damages

Sep 28, 2023

ALBANY, NY | Partner Christine Taylor was published in Glamping Business Americas Magazine, a notable publication in the outdoor hospitality industry that provides resources and expertise to its readers, which consist of new and existing owners of unique and luxurious outdoor hospitality venues and accommodations. Christine explains in depth who is responsible for damages that may happen at outdoor glamping destinations. You can access the full article here, page 66-67.

Glamping Show Americas Magazine Article

In the event of a guest injury at your business, liability depends on several factors. Firstly, having guests sign a liability waiver can deter legal action and clarify that you’re not liable for injuries due to their fault or third-party actions. Second, regular facility checks and maintenance routines are essential to demonstrate due diligence in maintaining premises and potentially reduce liability. Third, if you use contractors or vendors, their liability may also come into play depending on your contractual agreements. Lastly, understanding your state’s laws, especially regarding comparative negligence, can help allocate liability appropriately. In summary, proper planning, informed guests, signed waivers, and legal awareness can mitigate or avoid liability for injuries at your establishment.

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