Partner James Towne Presents for Albany Guardian Society: “Guardianship: It May or May Not Be the Answer.”

Nov 16, 2023

ALBANY, NY | Join Albany Guardian Society on November 27th as Partner, James Towne will present “Guardianship: It May or May Not Be the Answer.” This session aims to unravel the complexities of guardianship in New York and explore simpler alternatives for those facing critical decisions about their loved ones.

The presentation will discuss advance directives and Article 81 guardianships. Advance directives are legal documents instructing healthcare decisions when a person becomes incapacitated. In the absence of advance directives, Article 81 proceedings may be initiated to appoint a guardian for the incapacitated person, who can manage personal and property needs. " "

Advance directives include living wills, power of attorney, and healthcare proxies, addressing medical and financial matters in case of incapacity. Article 81 allows the appointment of a guardian if advance directives are lacking, giving the guardian authority over personal and property matters.

Mr. Towne will discuss important considerations like who should be a guardian, how advance directives work, and ways to be prepared for your loved ones.

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