Albany Business Review: Cover Story Featuring TLF

Jan 24, 2023

ALBANY, NY | The Towne Law Firm, P.C. (TLF) was recently featured in Albany Business Review’s cover story which put local companies in the spotlight for their novel office space, bringing a home-like feel to the office. TLF Partner, James Towne was interviewed on how the Firm has developed its office space to be a kid-friendly environment, allowing our attorneys and staff to easily ‘bridge the gap between the two universes’ of family obligations and work obligations. Our Little Litigators’ Lair, also featured in the article with Partners Shalini Natesan and Christine Taylor photographed with their little ones, further emphasizes TLF’s commitment to providing a space for children to come when our staff is overwhelmed with appointments, schedule changes, or difficulties with childcare.

Albany Business Attorney Shalini Natesan and her child at a desk and Business Attorney Christine Taylor and her child sitting on a couchThe article also mentions our efforts to further increase employee satisfaction at our firm other than just providing a novel work environment and increasing salaries; we have new benefits like money towards things like gym memberships, childcare, and phone bills; we even provide sabbatical time for employees after 5 years. The list goes on!

Read the full article here: New office design trends prompted by remote and hybrid work – Albany Business Review (