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Serving a diverse range of industries across an array of service areas.


Industries & Services

Serving a diverse range of industries across an array of service areas.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. services

The attorneys at The Towne Law Firm, P.C. enjoy an impressive record in the courtroom, but for some disputes, litigation can be so costly and time-consuming that even a “win” is not a victory.

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. has an extensive history of handling matters through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, whether by arbitration, mediation or Early Neutral Evaluation. The Firm’s handling of disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation has resulted in substantial results for clients, mitigating the costs, time and stress of a lawsuit. We can help you evaluate the most appropriate and effective strategies to reach your goals and strongly advocate using ADR in appropriate instances as an alternative to litigation.

Reliable Experience

With nearly 20 years as an appointed arbitrator performing both commercial and construction arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, James Towne has the experience necessary to effectively utilize the arbitration process.

Rob Coughlin has utilized arbitration and mediation in his practice for decades, primarily for construction matters involving disputes between builders and owners and personal injury matters, representing both injured people and those sued for injuries. He also has used Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve apportionment of damages between and among defendants.


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