TLF named as one of the Best Places to Work in the Capital Region!

Oct 25, 2022

ALBANY, NY | The Towne Law Firm, headquartered in Albany, New York has been named by the Albany Business Review as one of the Best Places to work in the Capital Region. Each year, the Albany Business Review partners with Quantum Workplace to survey employees of local workplaces nominated for the award. The survey is used to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. Once results are compiled, the scores are provided to the Albany Business Review and winners are selected.

TLF is extremely proud to be listed as one of the Best Places to Work in the Capital Region this year. There’s been a shift in the current climate of employment throughout the Capital Region and companies need to adapt in order to retain the best workforce. Curious about how TLF has adapted? Beginning in 2021, management of the firm wanted to find a new approach to work-life balance and benefits provided to employees. We partnered with certified health and well-being coach, Dr. Benita Zahn to facilitate in creating a wellness program and benefits package for our employees in order to achieve the best approach to achieving a work-environment culture centered around work-life balance.

Among the many things available in the package, employees can enjoy a ‘basket of benefits’ to choose from, worth up to a set value each year. The basket is in addition to general benefits provided to employees and allows each employee the ability to select additional benefits that are most appealing to their personal needs and interests. Not only was it important to make these additional benefits available to employees, like tuition reimbursement, child-care assistance, fitness reimbursements, nutritional counseling, financial planning, car rebates, vet cost reimbursements, and more, but it was important that TLF shifted its work-environment culture as well. TLF’s wellness program was tailor-made to help our employees alleviate stress and includes things like meditation classes, therapy sessions, yoga classes, cooking classes, and even spa day drawings. All things to help our employees find the best possible work-life balance, or what we like to call it (let’s get real) work-life blend.

We’re changing the landscape for our employees today, so our clients get the best results tomorrow. TLF has high hopes in exceeding the expectations of our employees and our clients. This new approach to work-life balance is the key to providing exceptional client service, while assuring our employees are well taken care of.

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