Championing Hope: Partner Jim Towne’s Impactful Trip to Ukraine

Nov 15, 2023

ALBANY, NY | Partner, James Towne recently returned from a meaningful journey to Ukraine, where he bore witness to the remarkable resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people in the face of ongoing challenges posed by war and devastation.

Throughout his visit, he had the privilege of meeting extraordinary individuals who embody the spirit of Ukraine’s unyielding resolve. One particularly moving encounter involved a young woman, trained as an attorney, who had chosen to dedicate her life to a different role in support of her country. When asked about her motivation, her response was both simple and profound: “Because my country needs me.” Her commitment serves as a shining example of the collective purpose driving the Ukrainian people in their quest for survival.

During his time in Ukraine, Jim also learned about a powerful symbol that has become prevalent in the country—the tattoo that reads “Time to be a hero.” Originating as a defiant response to the early atrocities of war, particularly the targeting of women for their Ukrainian pride and the subsequent violence they faced, this tattoo has evolved into a symbol of strength and unity for girls and women across the nation.

One poignant aspect of his visit was the unnerving experience of having to locate and seek shelter during air alerts that went off day and night alongside individuals directly affected by the conflict. Amidst blaring sirens, they found refuge in shelters, and he witnessed their courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Spending hours together, they adapted to the reality of the situation with a sense of “Que Sera Sera,” acknowledging the limited control they have over luck and fate. The stark reality of living under constant threat underscored the daily challenges these individuals face, yet their unwavering spirit and determination to press on were truly inspiring.

We share these stories to shed light on the situation in Ukraine and to express our deep admiration for our Partner’s commitment to making a positive impact. He is dedicated to ongoing efforts to make a difference, and we extend an invitation for everyone in our firm and our community to contribute in any way possible.

There is a remarkable organization in Vinnytsia called “Open Hearts,” dedicated to providing shelter, personal growth, and healing for those with special needs. They urgently need an accessible vehicle, as their current transportation method is both humiliating and dangerous. Secure donations can be made to “Hope Across Borders” to support this cause. Every contribution is crucial, and a substantial matching donation opportunity exists, doubling the impact of your gift.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to discuss potential ways for our firm to help. Together, we can make a positive impact and stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. believes in making a difference in the world in which we live and the communities that we serve. The members of our practice donate time, funds and support to community investment in our hometowns, across the country and abroad.