Christine Taylor, Prominent Hospitality Attorney, Addresses the Legality of Additional Campground Fees in Woodall’s Magazine

May 9, 2023

ALBANY, NY | Christine Taylor, TLF Partner and leading hospitality attorney, recently wrote an article in Woodall’s Campground Magazine discussing the controversy surrounding fees charged by businesses, particularly the spotlight that was shone on the issue by President Biden’s call for limits on ticket fees. Resort fees, in particular, have come under scrutiny and have resulted in legal action against hotel chains for misleading advertising. The article advises businesses to ensure that all necessary fees are included in advertised rates, and that any additional fees for services or items not typically expected to be charged for should be disclosed clearly. It also warns against improper credit card processing fees and emphasizes the importance of adhering to state laws. Ultimately, the article urges businesses to collect fees legally and transparently to avoid becoming targets for legal action.

“The issue with these excessive fees is that they cause the price for the accommodation or service to be much higher than what was advertised, which can cause customers to spend almost double the advertised price for an accommodation.”

Read the full article: Taylor: Is Charging Extra Campground Fees Legal? – Woodall’s Campground Magazine (

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