Personal Injury: What You Should Know to Secure Your Rights and Protect Your Interest

Aug 6, 2021

NEWS | The Towne Law Firm, P.C. | August 2021

ALBANY, N.Y. – There are many different types of personal injury cases arising from someone’s negligence. Most frequently occurring are motor vehicle accidents, premises liability claims, nursing home neglect and dog bites. TLF’s personal injury lawyers have experience both prosecuting and defending these actions, representing plaintiffs, as well as providing defense to defendants. The ability to see both sides of personal injury cases gives our clients a distinct advantage over firms dedicated to just one side of the practice.

When a traffic accident occurs and you sustain bodily injuries you should consult an attorney.  If as a result of the accident you experience an inability to perform your activities of daily life like cooking, cleaning, bathing, caring for yourself and/or others, you could be entitled to seek compensation. Not being able to work and subsequently losing wages would greatly affect your ability to provide for yourself or loved ones. As beneficial as New York’s No-Fault benefits are, sometimes No-Fault insurance companies don’t cover the full financial loss of  wages or medical bills that you or a loved one have suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident. And No-Fault does NOT compensate you for your past, present and future pain and suffering. Consulting with an attorney is always beneficial when trying to navigate the legal complexities that may be involved with a personal injury motor vehicle accident, especially in those instances where multiple vehicles may be involved. TLF’s personal injury lawyers are well equipped to prosecute or defend against any type of personal injury allegation and will use their experience diligently on your behalf.

Premises liability cases arise when property and business owners, who have a non-delegable duty to protect invitees and the general public from dangers on their property. Loose stair treads, unseen depressions, areas where black ice is allowed to form and not addressed promptly, attractive nuisances such as pools or ill maintained playgrounds are but a few examples of the types of hazards which result in injuries. Property owners are required to ensure their property is free from latent defects like water accumulation that could create a slip, trip or fall hazard to those traversing the property. When the property owner is a municipality there is a notice requirement that must be filed within ninety (90) days.  All other personal injury claims must be filed within three (3) years. Over the years, the attorneys at The Towne Law Firm have handled thousands of claims successfully advancing the rights of the injured as well as defending individuals accused of negligence.

In any type of case involving negligence or personal injury it is imperative that soon after the injuring event, you consult an experienced attorney who can secure  your rights and protect your interests. TLF’s personal injury attorneys are available to consult with you and can provide you with the best representation in the most cost-effective manner.

The Towne Law Firm’s personal injury law practice has a long history of protecting the rights and reputations of our clients in defense of personal injury claims.  Our attorneys have litigated thousands of personal injury cases in both state and federal courts.