TLF Names New Partner, Shalini Natesan

Jul 7, 2022

ALBANY, NY | The Towne Law Firm (TLF) is pleased to recognize Shalini Natesan’s skill and experience with her advancement to firm principal as of July 1st, 2022.

Shali works in the Corporate Law and Commercial Real Estate divisions of the firm’s practice.

Ms. Natesan began her journey at TLF in March of 2021 as a senior associate has since exceeded expectations beyond what is asked of an associate. She has accelerated the firm’s portfolio of corporate clients, continuing to meet client needs while consistently retaining new clients with her magnetic charm that appeals to prospects who require the firm’s array of business and transactional services.

Practicing for 16 years, Ms. Natesan is equipped with the experience in Corporate Law to handle business matters, such as change of ownership, buy-sell agreements, drafting the necessary documents for all business and corporate formations and transactions, while also creating subsidiary entities to handle specific areas of businesses throughout New York State and the Northeast. Additionally, Ms. Natesan has worked in navigating very large commercial real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of real property, rental/lease agreements, and bank representation.

In addition to Shali’s contribution to fulfilling her role at the firm by consistently providing guidance and cultivating knowledge within her team, she has done her part outside of her work environment, as well. She contributes much of her time to a local non-profit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region. Taking the role of a Big Sister, Shali is a vital part of the organization’s mentoring program, as she volunteers to spend time with children in the program in order to make a positive impact on their growth.

Furthermore, Ms. Natesan is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Albany County Bar Foundation, which is an exceptional accomplishment in her field and industry. Her position on the Foundation’s board allows her to donate her time and expertise back to the industry in order to serve other people within it by being a part of the decision-making process. Ms. Natesan has served on the board for the last three years and is slated to become President in 2023 due to her outstanding contribution to the committee and industry it serves. This position allows her to donate her time and expertise within the industry she serves, while continuing her path of leadership for those in her field. Undoubtedly, this position held by Ms. Natesan also attests to the reputation she carries, as she contributes to the ideals in abiding and practicing by the standards and ethics of law by continually being involved with the Foundation. This is just another example of Shalini’s extreme dedication to being a leader, not only in her profession, but outside of that role as well.

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