TLF Partner Update

Jan 12, 2023

ALBANY, NY | The Towne Law Firm, P.C. has some recent updates regarding the Firm’s Partners and their external efforts for community outreach and involvement, as well as new geographic reach to accommodate increasing client needs in jurisdictions within the Northeast.

Partner, James T. Towne, Jr. was recently asked to join the Board of Directors of 51 Steps to Freedom™, an organization that traces America’s struggle for Freedom & Equality along the Freedom Trail, uniting Washington from Anacsotia to Georgetown, from Foggy Bottom to Dupont Circle. From the Women’s Suffrage Procession on March 3, 1913 to the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August, 1963 to The Million Man March October 16, 1995 — to today — DC’s streets have paved the way for change, understanding and healing. Get your sneakers on and get ready to visit over 250 years of DC’s historical transformation from slavery to freedom for all, where every step tells a story. And the march goes on…

" "

We honor our past.
We aim to transform our future by promoting, educating, and inspiring understanding.
We believe in equality and freedom for all.

We share stories of the people and events that shape our Nation’s struggle for equality.
Appreciating the full spectrum of American history provides the path for tomorrow.

We see a world where history and storytelling come together to
inspire unity, build national pride, and embrace diversity.

" "Partner Shalini Natesan has officially been named President of the Albany County Bar Foundation. Her position on the Foundation’s Board allows her to donate her time and expertise to the community and service people in need by being a part of the decision-making process. Ms. Natesan has served on the Board for the last three years as the Secretary and Treasurer and her new role as President allows her to continue her path of leadership and service in the legal field.

Additionally, Both Partner Christine Taylor and Shalini Natesan have recently been admitted in two additional jurisdictions other than their current bar admissions. Christine was accepted to the Connecticut Bar, giving the firm even more reach in the Northeast. Shalini was admitted to the D.C. Bar, allowing her to more effectively help clients that hold business in that area.

The Firm is thrilled for our Partners in their newest endeavors and accomplishments and give unconditional support as they pursue them now and into the future.

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. believes in making a difference in the world in which we live and the communities that we serve. The members of our practice donate time, funds and support to community investment in our hometowns, across the country and abroad. Learn more.